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27th April 2010, 21:32
Vehicle (with wheels) quiz - no number of letters given
Soaring sky ariel

This one refers to womans work and end in ING
Famous water keeper (9)

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27th April 2010, 22:10
The second one - The Hoover dam - hoovering
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28th April 2010, 11:55
Can you give an example of a vehicle question and answer, so we can see how the setter's mind works? Ariel was a make of motorbike, not that it's any help.
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28th April 2010, 12:05
I agree - I've been thinking about this, and there are so many possibilities without knowing more about the quiz - for instance, you might think cable car, or helicopter with blades that yould relate to an ariel - or even the old trolley bus.
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