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27th April 2010, 19:09
To clarify any miunderstanding of my previous words on D. Record Xword of Sat. 24th April.
48D Portray:maybe Impersonate, or Mimic.
Mimic: maybe Imitate, or Take off.
Take off:maybe subtract or Deduct.
Hence: Portray, could answer be Deduct.

I know it is not the best answer, but do you have a better one to suit the letters available. We have had some "stoaters" before now, so please yourself, Happy Puzzling".

from Dan the man, C/nauld.
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27th April 2010, 19:24
I haven't seen the previous postings but if they were along the same lines as this one I'm not surprised if there are "misunderstandings".

Why not give the clue and number of letters(as they appear in paper). And also any letters that you already have. It is difficult to follow some complicated explanation without this basic information being clearly given.
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27th April 2010, 19:37
i've seen this answered before as deduct with the across clue insipid?
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