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27th April 2010, 16:34
Quite easy this week, done in 30 minutes.
Wordfinder is 'Watchdog'
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27th April 2010, 18:23
Many thanks for telling me the wordfinder - it helped me fill in some of the other clues!!
Do other people 'cheat' by using dictionaries or online sites????
I try to complete it without recourse to help, and always feel as if I'm cheating if I resort to dictionaries - odd or what???
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27th April 2010, 18:33
Good evening
Just picked it up and done about 80% but going out tonight so will have to leave the top right hand corner until tomorrow.
Chris. I try to get as many as I can without recourse to the internet, but usually have to go there, particularly as the anagrams are much easier to solve. I dont see it as cheating.
What I do see as cheating is someone who goes on another site befor 9am on the day it is published seeking help (like today). Anyone can ask for help, but you should at least try.
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27th April 2010, 18:57
thanks for your input Philip. Sometimes I leave it so long before I give in to t'internet or dictionary, I run out of time....
Another thought - has anyone who uses this site ever won anything?????
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27th April 2010, 19:10
I took a little longer than Torvic but it probably indicates that we've all come to understand the idiosyncrasies of this compiler.

Whilst I've never used other sites to find answers, I do, from time to time, use an electronic crossword solver which is quicker than Bradford's Crossword Key Dictionary.

Regards to you all,

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27th April 2010, 19:25
Hi All'
John of Arran will enjoy putting an end to 11 across.
Is 21 across the old Roman starting with Br.
12across is causing me bother especially with the
fourth letter (N or D??)
I didn't finish last week b ut hope to do this one.
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john (from arran)

27th April 2010, 19:55
It was an easy one this week, just under 30 minutes and no cheating. Ah yes, 11A uisge beatha, especially one of">these, makes the evenings go well.


12A is an anagram and the fourth letter is 'D'.

21A is a Shakesperian villain.

It's hard to choose a favourite clue but probably the best one is:

24A Great order to move backward (10)

Whilst we're on the subject of electronic crossword solving gizmos, I was given a Bradfords Collins one for Christmas last year and just recently discovered that it limits anagrams to 14 letters. Fat lot of use that is.

Oh and you might like to know that the Tory party candidate for our constituency has just been ejected from the party for comments he made in his blog!

Note to self; Say no more!
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27th April 2010, 22:02
Hi All
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27th April 2010, 23:31
Arrived home earlier than expected and finished in minutes.
My favourite clue was 13d
Emotionally helping girld onto long lorry
Generally quite easy and no horrific clues except perhaps 11a. (Only joking John - I've come to the conclusion the compiler reads this forum and that one was just for you John. - seeing as you have no tory to vote for, this is doubly your lucky day so why dont you enter this week and see if you can win the DVD?)
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28th April 2010, 00:56
For those of us who don't get this publication and are discouraged to ask for any letters (completely against John from Arrans own guidelines - a bit like allowing yourself a cigarette with a pint if you are in Parliament)
maybe take a leaf from Big Daves site
and use transparent writing.

<p>{<font color=transparent>ans?e?</font>}</p>
will result in


The p just means open a new paragraph and the brackets are to indicate where to highlight.
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