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uncle arthur

6th February 2009, 21:11
RT crossword no.7 ---- What's 1 down - "Soothsayer with noisy implement"? It's implementing my downfall!
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6th February 2009, 23:07
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big dave

6th February 2009, 23:07
Augur - sounds like auger, which is carpenters tool

It helps others if you give both the number of letters and those you have already placed.
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6th February 2009, 23:10
If your answer has 5 letters it could be AUGUR which sounds like auger, a tool or implement. Dont know if that soothes the sore tooth or not!
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john (from arran)

6th February 2009, 23:25
An AUGUR was an official diviner in Ancient Rome. Otherwise known as a Soothsayer, Oracle or Prophet.

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uncle arthur

7th February 2009, 14:00
Thanks friends for 'augur' - I kept thinking the second 'u' must be wrong, even though 'tuba' seemed to fit the relevant clue. I take Big Dave's point about the letters and numbers , but the Radio Times was at my son's house so I couldn't be sure about .. blah blah.

BY the way, the people at RT told me they get about 3000 entries per week, which they shove into a bag, and the first correct one pulled out is the winner. RT has a circulation of over 1,000,000 so are we a bit rare? Cheers
Uncle Arthur .
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