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6th February 2009, 18:49
please, what are 14 down and 13 across, I think 13 across might be saltly but not sure
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6th February 2009, 19:08
13a is SAMPLE - s from salt, ample is enough
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6th February 2009, 19:20
thanks fiona
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big dave

6th February 2009, 19:47
14d Eminence achieved by horse with excellent win finally (8)


Please always publish the clue when you ask for help.

1. Many on this Forum don't take the Telegraph,

2. Those who, like myself, do can't always remember which clue was numbered which, but can remember the answer given the clue.

Mountain (eminence) - mount (horse) with A1 (excellent) (wi)n finally
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6th February 2009, 20:02
thanks we've sorted it now, and I assumed that only people who looked at the telegraph crossword would reply
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john (from arran)

6th February 2009, 23:18
No Marilyn, everyone who subscribes to this forum does so because they are interested in either helping or getting help. Unfortunately it's impossible to help if one doesn't have the clues and not all of us buy the Barclay Brothers' rag. If you put the clue, the numbers of letters and any letters you think you have placed, then you will get much more reasoned response.

You should also say whether or not you wish to be given the full answer or jus a hint to help you find it yourself.
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