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1st February 2009, 11:01
23 & 25 Down: \"Long to include set of answers that is inflammatory\" (4-3). I have _I_K/E_E.
I am inflamed that I don\'t get it!! Can anyone help please?
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1st February 2009, 11:21
Pink-eye is an inflamation of the eye-lid
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1st February 2009, 11:29
Thanks, Ranger, I understand that bit! It is the "long to include set of answers" that is keeping me guessing.
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big dave

1st February 2009, 11:53
The wordplay is actually quite easy - pine (long) around key (set of answers) - what makes it hard is that, having worked that out you have a medical condition that most people call conjunctivitis (which doesn't fit!!)
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