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31st January 2009, 20:49
No 1 "Daily inclusion of one professorship"
I have C---r and I wonder if it is chair but can't work that out!
No 2 "Shorten sail if there's a chain of rocks"
4 letters in this and I don't have any.
No 3 "Scope needs to take one on for what one hopes to do"and I have ----t
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31st January 2009, 20:56
1. Professorship=chair. Cleaner(char)with i in it.
2. Reef.
3. Ambit(ion)
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31st January 2009, 21:02
A Daily helper (cleaner) was called a CHARwoman, or charlady, or just, Char.
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31st January 2009, 22:41
Thanks Terry and T. That's great.
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