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2nd April 2010, 18:18
Can anyone enlighten me as to how the solution to this is arrived at?

4d. Naturally male comes in for new tie (5)

I have M_T_H, which I think is Match.

I can see the link between tie/match and that the letter m is derived from male, but is this just a poor clue or am I missing something more obvious?

Thanks in advance

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2nd April 2010, 18:22
Hello Wombat - Natch is slang for natural - swop the n (new) for m and its match
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2nd April 2010, 18:22
Have seein it explained as

Naturally = Natch then substitute M for N
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2nd April 2010, 18:33
Thanks to both of you. I would not have associated naturally with natch, its not a term I am familiar with, but it certainly answers my question.

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