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2nd April 2010, 17:47
2D. -t---s; 3D.-s---; 16D.--e-e-r---; 23D.m-t---;

8a,best; 9a,square meal; 11a, parole;20a,swap; 21a,naff;

Happy Holiday,dodo
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3rd April 2010, 00:19
i think the answer to 8a is 'keen'
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3rd April 2010, 00:32
has anyone got the answers to 16d and 17d.
help please!
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the joker

3rd April 2010, 03:20
Hi Dodo
If you gave the wording of the clues,any letters you have and the no. of letters,I am sure you will get the answers that you require.
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