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1st April 2010, 17:18
I haven't seen any requests for help with Saga April 2010 on this site, and I've been back to the 26th March. Does this mean that:
(a) nobody's attempted it (it is rather difficult)?
(b) everybody's already completed it?
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1st April 2010, 17:32
How does one obtain a saga crossword? Is it Icelandic?
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the joker

1st April 2010, 17:38
Hi Terry
Think it is from some organisation Sex And Games for the Aged.
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1st April 2010, 17:47
The Saga crossword can be found in the monthly magazine Saga, which is published principally for (ahem) older persons. There is no age limit on readers, so I suppose anyone can subscribe to it. You won't find it in a shop, so, if you're interested, have a look at
The prize crossword (you get £100 if your solution is first out of the hat, if not, you get a Bloomsbury English Dictionary (v. nice: I won one)) is fiendishly difficult. Saga doesn't make any concessions to its (ahem) older readers. Overall, it's quite a nice magazine.
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1st April 2010, 18:38
Hi bookbinder ... I agree it's a crossword from the top drawer, and certainly takes some solving.

I have completed the April puzzle, so can assist if necessary.

Although I submit an entry each month, I'm still awaiting my first win! ;O)
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1st April 2010, 22:17
Thanks for your comments, sarumite. Sorry that I didn't get back sooner, but teatime got in the way! Thanks also for the offer of help, but I also have completed the puzzle for April and sent it off. It was a bit of a struggle, and I would really to have a word with the compiler, just to find out how he/she approaches this puzzle. I started this thread because I was puzzled by the apparent lack of requests for help. Had everyone just sailed through it without any head-scratching? If so, that meant that it must be time for me to give the Saga puzzle up! Maybe next month's will be easier! Cheers!
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1st April 2010, 22:35
I most certainly didn't sail through the April puzzle bookbinder, in fact I reckon it was probably the toughest one I've ever encountered from Saga.
Lots of tricky clues with obscure answers such as Bulletrie, Gens de Peu, Camarilla etc. etc.
You're certainly not alone in finding it hard going!!
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2nd April 2010, 11:23
Thanks to everyone who contributed, especially to sarumite. Now that I know that I'm not struggling in isolation, I don't feel too bad! Cheers to all!
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