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1st April 2010, 08:49
After a real struggle this week, I am stuck with this last one. I have C R U . Can anyone help, please? No one else has asked for help with this one, I must be missing something obvious.
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colin (swansea jack)

1st April 2010, 09:05
For those of us who don't read The Times, a clue would be useful.

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1st April 2010, 09:06
Hi Ali.

I'm sorry but I can't offer help as you didn't give the clue. Also, what is the exact number of letters in the answer?

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1st April 2010, 09:51
The only answer I can remember that your very vague details suggest is the answer CARFUL. My entry went off on Monday so I dont have access to the question anymore,but if my memory serves me right this was one of the latter Across clues
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1st April 2010, 10:15
So sorry - the clue is - maybe packed saloon bars the centre of attention! (6) I have c_r_u_.
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1st April 2010, 10:36
Thanks to those who replied. I now see that CARFUL is correct. It's a great thing that people take time out of a busy day to help a stranger. I hope I will be able to help you in future.
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