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31st March 2010, 22:30
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the joker

31st March 2010, 22:43
Don't think many on this site would disagree with you.
In fact bull shit is all you seem capable of.
Give it a rest,stop annoying us all,and making a complete fool of yourself under your many and too obvious pseudonyms
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1st April 2010, 22:54
this used to be a site where bad language was banned isn't it time it went back to that and that those who abuse the site should be stopped from using it
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2nd April 2010, 20:35
Why are people spoiling this site? Surely most of us just want to use it for its original purpose - I very much agree that we don't want bad language.
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2nd April 2010, 21:43
My first and last comment on the troll.

It needs a response from us to justify its existence - just ignore it.


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