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31st March 2010, 16:21

Have a read here.
Bullfrog was quite clear - I hope I didn't complicate things.
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31st March 2010, 16:27
Hi weird

No, you didn't complicate things at all. I've been trying it out and it all makes perfect sense so thank you for your help.
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31st March 2010, 19:34
one more thing Marnie,
if the number of posts ends in a zero,then still treat it as the number before.

ie. if number of posts = 770 - you should put 760 as the offset number.

if number of posts= 771 - then offset is 770.

(i hope i am correct here - something to do with counting only the replies to a question - and another count that includes the question)

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john (from arran)

31st March 2010, 20:25
You can actually put in any number for the offset, it doesn't have to be a multiple of 10. Although not a sensible thing to do, it possible to put in a number larger than the number of posts in the thread, but of course then you won't see any messages as you'll have gone past the end of the database on the server. The index page shows the number of replies which is one less than the total number of posts in the thread.

Hope that helps.
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31st March 2010, 22:27
Thank you both for all your info.
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