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30th January 2009, 09:06
I'm having a problem convincing myself that my last few solutions are correct.

18a - I am assuming that 'Good looker takes room at salon' (6,7) is Beauty Parlour - since I have the A and the L of the second word. Therefore -

14d - The only word I can get for 'Fur trade's ousted crook'(9) now that it gives a U for ?R?U????? would be Trousseau. But it seems tenuous.

This gives the S for 22a 'Something is tapering to a point'(4) as Gist (starting from last letter of first word and I know the G is right).

Does this make 24a 'Loose rocks almost put on television (5) and now with ?C?A? (with the A coming from Trousseau) as Scrag.

It completes the crossword - but I don't feel confident it is right. Any comments, corrections of helpers please. Sorry for the long post.

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big dave

30th January 2009, 09:25
18a looks fine

14d is fraudster (anagram of fur trade's)

22a This still gives an "s" for gist, which is hidden in the clue

24a now has an "e" and is scree (almost put on television - screen minus the "n")

So near yet so far!!

This anagram solver might have helped you:
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30th January 2009, 09:32
Hi Debbie. 14d is FRAUDSTER [which is an anagram]
and 24a is SCREE [which is screen minus the 's']. Your other answers would appear to be correct. I hope that's of help to you. Best wishes, C.
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30th January 2009, 10:43
Thanks for the help - I didn't spot the anagram and an engine I used didn't give that as a solution. All the rest makes sense now.

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30th January 2009, 11:16
Fraudster is a word that is not listed in every dictionary - it doesn't appear in the dictionary on this site (try it!!). Some america sitrss note is as a British word. Consequently, depending upon the dictionary used behind the anagram engine, it doen't appear as an anagram of 'fur trades' in most of the popualr websites. Hope this helps to explain why you may not have found it.
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