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28th January 2009, 18:09
hello! i desperatly need help with three clues that are driving me insane- the first is;Element which bends with temperature,used in thermostatic switches,-i-e-a---c/-t-i-. thesecond is 28across;streams of electrons directed into a vacuum tube,-a-h-d/r-y-, thethird clue is;Offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.the pattern is;m-l-,thankyou,krisstoff.
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big dave

28th January 2009, 18:22
The first one is a bimetallic strip - calling it an element is a little confusing and sends you off in the wrong direction!!

The second must be cathode rays - I think you have a "-" missing

The last one is a mule

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jerry smith

28th January 2009, 18:24
Hi Kristoff,
Two of your answers are BIMETALIC STRIP & MULE,not sure of the other at this time.
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28th January 2009, 18:26
Hi krisstoff
Mule is one answer.
I think, Cathode Rays is another, but doesn't quite fit.
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28th January 2009, 18:31
to big dave and jerry smith.thanks for your responses-i now have all the answers i need,thanks for saving me from another headache,krisstoff
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28th January 2009, 19:42
thanks for your response. ifeel i might have made a mistake in one of my patterns.your answers were correct including the cathode rays one,so thanks for giving the time to type a response,and have a good rest-of-the-day,cheery-o!krisstoff.
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