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27th January 2009, 10:42
Hi all
I'm unable to finish this crossword because of one seemingly simple clue.

49D, Edible seaweed (5), _ I _ E _

I know what you're going to say, the answer's LAVER and the I is wrong.

However the I is part of ...
51A, Definite and clear (8), E _ P _ ? _ I _
where the ? is the I in 49D because I'm convinced that 51A is EXPLICIT.

Any thoughts?
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john (from arran)

27th January 2009, 10:50
If you put EMPHATIC for 51A then LAVER would fit.
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27th January 2009, 11:05
Thanks John, I did think of that but I can\'t see how EMPHATIC could be described as meaning \"Definite and clear\" according to my dictionary it means \"Expressed with emphasis, forcibly or strongly marked\".

Whereas, EXPLICIT is defined as \"plain in language, outspoken, clear\".
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27th January 2009, 19:19
To No33.
if you look in a Thesaurus (Collins New World for example) you will see that explicit is a syn. of emphatic.
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