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27th January 2009, 10:13
I am not going to be able to get today's DT until lunchtime. Can anyone halp me out by giving me the answer to 13 across?
Cruiser, perhaps - not QE2 (3,8,4)
All I've got is
??? ?a?e?t?s ?h?p
I'm assuming the last word is ship.
Any help would be wonderful
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27th January 2009, 10:22
Hi Vicky. Possibly HIS MAJESTY'S SHIP as opposed to Her(QE2}Majesty's Ship. Best wishes, Caravaggio.
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27th January 2009, 10:33
Yes - that makes sense!
Thank you so much for your speedy reply Caravaggio - much appreciated!
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27th January 2009, 12:06
it's actually HER MAJESTYS SHIP, the 'R' coming from RAINWEAR; I can see the logic of 'HIS' tho !!
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big dave

27th January 2009, 12:59
I didn't think much of the wordplay, either. I think it's because the QE2 was not in the Royal Navy, hence it was not HMS QE2.
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