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jerry smith

26th January 2009, 14:33
Anybbody need any help with this before I send it
off? Hints or explanations available!
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mike b

26th January 2009, 15:32
Hi Jerry. I've had a look at this crossword a few times but it seems far too hard for me! I am in great admiration of you for finishing it. Half the words in the answers for last week I'd never heard of! Are there any particular reference books or solving techniques you use?

If you gave me the answers to 1d and 3ac (with explanations!) it might get me started (but I doubt it!)


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jerry smith

26th January 2009, 16:33
Hi Mike,
I have been doing these for about a year.You will need the 11th ed. of Chambers with exception of
proper nouns all the answers are there,the word wizard on Chambersharrap is useful too. 1d is aanagram of animus + chas = INASMUCH AS. For 3a
I have SKATEBOARD I can't explain this well as
I got by default! I f you can give me a good run down for this I will be grateful.
Best wishes to you,
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jerry smith

26th January 2009, 16:42
Mike, a ps 28a is easy and 27d is very easy, this
is where I started. I saw it was set by Paul McKenna and wonder if it is the hypnotist bloke.
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26th January 2009, 16:48

Like you, I also wondered about Paul McKenna.

The way I saw 3a ("Fish smell gets difficult to bear first off — go on deck (10)") is .. SKATE (fish) + BO (smell) + ARD ('hard' with the first letter taken off).
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26th January 2009, 17:00
Now I know why I stick to the Beano!
Good luck to the rest of you though
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jerry smith

26th January 2009, 17:18
Well done Jim,
An excellent explanation,take three gold stars!
And having spent five or six hours on this yesterday I think I should be like Philip and stick to the Beano,but I do try for the Sunday
Times grand slam,i.e. the two sudoku puzzles and the two crosswords. I would like to attempt the
Listener xword,but I am afraid I don't understand
the prologue,let alone the rest of it!
Best wishes to you all,
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