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16th March 2010, 11:18
I doubt that anyone who regularly attempts the RT crossword will have much of a problem with this one. As Philip is cruising, I thought that I'd start the thread this week and would emphasise that we're all amenable to providing assistance to anyone who is stuck but will only provide hints as it is a prize crossword.
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john (from arran)

16th March 2010, 14:24
I thought it was quite good this week and shouldn't take much more than half an hour.

Wittiest clue:

14A Picture taker cleverly roping the camera (15)

Worst clue:

18A Goat touches clumsy person (13)
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16th March 2010, 22:50
Can anyome give me a hint for 18d? I have either ?a?a? or ?a?o?, depending on the first word of 21a.
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17th March 2010, 06:25
Torvic I dont subscribe to the RT so I cant give hints without the clue
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17th March 2010, 07:34
Good morning Torvic and Chris G,

The name of a river [found in Cornwall] is contained within the word 'Catamaran', which makes the three-letter word starting 21a *a*.


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17th March 2010, 07:57
Thanks Caravaggio..I think your hint will be enough for Torvic to come up with the answer!
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17th March 2010, 17:37
Caravaggio, Sorry for late reply, I've been out all day. Thanks for your help, I must have been wearing my dunces hat yesterday!
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17th March 2010, 19:30
Hi Caravaggio and all.
With crossword help I have done RT 12 early this week. I do not send in any puzzle entry forms,full
or not.I would rather buy a National lottery ticket.
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