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15th March 2010, 17:57
20a Yak nervously turning over earth died with deformed hoof (7-5)

Twitter Boned / Boxes ? If so why?

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15th March 2010, 19:02
I did this crossword last week, and admit I wasn't too sure myself, apart from

Twitterboned does mean deformed hoof and

Twitter - Yak nervously

If you take E = Earth ( although Chambers doesn't give this abbreviation) and D - died ( which it does) this would leave BON - which could nob ( a 'turning' of butter) with backwards = over.

As I look at this answer - it does seem rather convoluted. But I'm sure twitter boned IS the answer.
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15th March 2010, 19:51
tenuous but....

nob in cribbage is the jack of the suit turned up - jack-nervous yak?
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16th March 2010, 09:11
Many thanks to you both, perhaps not the greatest clue ever
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