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7th March 2010, 19:13
I've been following the threads with interest today, spotting how somebody claimed to be AJT. Now somebody is claiming to be me! What's going on here? The real Blondie never started that thread about bringing Trevor back! (Not that I have an opinion about Trevor, either way - don't know the guy, really, but I'm sure he's OK!).
Come up with your own name, whoever you are!
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7th March 2010, 19:27
How many letters?
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7th March 2010, 19:36
I suggest the number of letters to describe this imposter should be 4, 2, 3, 4.
An anagram of NEAT PAIR SHINE.
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the joker

8th March 2010, 00:21
Should you not have written:p31nt2a3 ?
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