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7th March 2010, 17:44
Looking at a recent thread I find that someone has used my initials to publish a derogatory post to Elizabeth. I am unaccountably upset about it. Please don't drag me into your petty arguments, whoever you are.
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7th March 2010, 17:49
Dear AJT. No need to worry or make another thread. You are only encouraging them by making another thread. I am a little unsure of why you feel the need to take ownership of the AJT initials as there might be other AJT's on the site. Still, you have always been magnificent with me. Yours truly AJT, Marge xxx
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7th March 2010, 17:53
Thank you - It's not about assuming that no-one else can use the same initils. This is on a thread where I had made a former conribution, and it is made to look as if I am replying.
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7th March 2010, 17:59
AJT - It is Pete - He finally figured out that you can use any name you like(took him quite a while tho)
There is no defence against this type of flaming (not on this site)just have to grin and bear it.
He seems to pop up mainly at weekends, probably his Mum supervises his computer usage during Schooldays but having no friends to meet at weekends he gets up to a little mischief.
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7th March 2010, 18:05
Well Pete - why don't you pick on someone your own size - I certainly have neither done nor wished you any harm. Why try and spoil my pleasure?
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7th March 2010, 18:33
AJT - No need to make an issue of it. Perhaps Pete is a very clever trevor with learning difficulties?

You know full well I have always had the hots for your responses.
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7th March 2010, 18:35
Thanks Elizabeth. I too have the hots for you. Let's keep the newcomers out of our cosy relationship! Everybody knows that I am the only person qualified to call myself AJT!

Perhaps Pete is jealous of being an outsider!

Take care honeybuns


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7th March 2010, 18:39
You're making the rest of us feel like gooseberries, you two!
Although I've regularly posted threads on this site... and helped other people solve clues... nobody has ever said anything 'warm' to me! How does one become an 'insider', rather than an 'outsider'?!?
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7th March 2010, 18:42
Blondie. You can be one if you say you are, but some people on here are regulars and respected. Newcomers like Pete ruin the site completely and should be attacked on every thread. Otherwise, we will lose all the fun of having a close knit community on here.

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7th March 2010, 18:47
Yes - I've been unravelling some of today's threads and I can see where you're coming from! Blondie x
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