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rude word

24th January 2009, 15:17
Think this may have been a different compiler to recent ones.
47D is DURUM for wheat, with U for (a movie classification) all can see. Leaving DRUM or DURM as "part of kitchen". Apart from PART of KITCHEN being KIT which very loosely relates to DRUM, I can find no reference to either DRUM or DURM being part of kitchen. Any ideas?
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24th January 2009, 16:07
Hi Rude Word.
What was the whole clue to this answer? I also, remember entering DURUM, and not knowing why.
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big dave

24th January 2009, 16:08
THe percussion section of an orchestra is often referred to as the kitchen or kitchen sink section - hence the drum !!
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rude word

28th January 2009, 17:31
Thanks Big Dave - I hadn't heard 9or at least remembered) of the percussion section being called a kitchen.
Apologies too for the late thanks, I lost the site!
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