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greg thompson

23rd January 2009, 06:50
so for homework i have to solve 10 puzzles based on eath sciene and there kind of hard. okay fist.

1:Meaning "Forever unchaning" something that does not apply to thscientific theories.
*Possibly latin. 9 letters 2nd letter is e 5th letter is also e and the 9th and final letter is L

2:All things that exist in totality.
*7 leters first one is possibly a. the lats two latters (6,7) are se

there are a lot more questions if your up to it here is the link to the corssword puzzles. solve as many as you can and post the answers here.
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23rd January 2009, 07:18
first one is solved its perpetual. but look at some of the other ones in the link.
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john (from arran)

23rd January 2009, 12:22
When completing crosswords it is important to count the number of letters in the answer accurately. It also helps if you spell the words correctly too.

I take it that this is the clue to which you are referring:

19A - All that exists, in totality.

The answer actually has 8 letters and in most likely to be UNIVERSE.
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