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28th February 2010, 22:28
19d.Most handsome mentor in choice(7)?RA?EST
Is this 'bravest' or 'brawest'(Scot)? I can't see what 'rav' or 'raw' has to do with mentor.
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28th February 2010, 22:46
Rav is a hebrew word for Rabbi, who could be considered a mentor.
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28th February 2010, 22:47
Rav is a variant of Rebbe according to this wiki page

Rebbe (רבי) (pronounced /ˈrɛbə/ in English[1]), which means master, teacher, or mentor, is a Yiddish word derived from the identical Hebrew word Rabbi. It mostly refers to the leader of a Hasidic Jewish movement. In accordance with Yiddish pronunciation norms, the stress is on the first syllable and the final vowel is sometimes reduced to a schwa.
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