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28th February 2010, 16:44
Posh clothes canned when ducklings are on the menu. (5)

I am pretty sure of E_O_S but the quick solve here does not offer anything plausible!
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28th February 2010, 16:57
Seen this answered as Etons but cannot give the full wordplay sadly.
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28th February 2010, 17:09
If it helps-CAN(ETONS)=ducklings
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silly boy

28th February 2010, 17:10
Look up the french for duckling ! lol ;o)
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28th February 2010, 17:48
Thanks for the help. Sorry I did not look far enough down to see that this had been answered. Can't say that I like the clue. Araucaria was really good 20 years ago.
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