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21st January 2009, 18:06
hello. i am stuck on 12across, the clue being; 'one who expounds', and it is one word, and the pattern i have so far i ; e-e-e-e. the other question is 16down, 'an apostle', and it is an anagram. the pattern and letters i have so far go as thus; -h-d-e-s, any help would be appreciated, thankyou, krisstoff.
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jerry smith

21st January 2009, 18:14
Hi Krisstoff,
The first one is EXEGETE,and I believe the other
one is THADDEUS,whom I believe took the place of
Judas,an apostle but not an anagram. Hope this
is of use.
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21st January 2009, 18:29
hello jerry smith, thanx for your e-mail answers- i found thaddeus by logging onto a christian website,but i would possibly have never got the'one who expounds'question-my thesaureses were of no help,thanx again,krisstoff.
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