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23rd February 2010, 21:37
13 down have put automobile
22 across goblin
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23rd February 2010, 21:44
Shelley and automobile appear correct - haven't got the crossword so don't know about goblin
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23rd February 2010, 21:47
Yet another RT Clue. I agree with Thickie. If you are not very good, the only way to learn is to look at the help you have now been given for over 60% of todays clues ans just see if you can do any yourself. Its how we all learn to do them
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23rd February 2010, 21:48
thankyou ALL HELP APPRECIATED A across goes to lay squares by entrance i think is turnstile
16 across i would build a nest inside as substitute INSTEAD
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23rd February 2010, 21:49
If you win the DVD prize have you thought how you are going to share it with all those who have done the crossword for you?
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23rd February 2010, 22:02
this is called crossword help forum, sometimes i have the answer but don,t think i,m correct ie such as shelley, goblin ,laterally,turnstile,instead,arch,
you can put me down all you want the first clue i got right by myself was wastefullness i apologise to anyone who feels i have wasted there time and wish only to have help on questions i am uncertain of.
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23rd February 2010, 22:03
guys - if you don't want to help - don't help - no need for the sarcy comments - this site is dying on its arse as it is.
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23rd February 2010, 22:06
As long as you stay polite (which you have)you can ask for as much help as you like. People who want to help you will,those who don't won't. I'd call that a win/win position.
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23rd February 2010, 22:10
I dont agree the site is dying at all, and everyone is entitled to their view.

As for me, I sit on the fence on this one, and whilst I can see Dawnys point of view, think of people like John who will walk down to the coop tomorrow for his weekly challenge, and then find all of the answers already posted.
I think the answer is a half way house, and I prefer John's approach whereby he gives another simpler clue rather than the answer.
But then it takes all sorts!
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