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19th January 2009, 18:18
38 across, any ideas?
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big dave

19th January 2009, 18:57
Your question has been posted three times, but, unfortunately, none of them contains the actual clue.

If you can provide the clue, the number of letters, and those that you have, then someone may be able to help. Thanks
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20th January 2009, 16:23
Clue No 38 \"Shrewness, common sense,8 lettera I have G-n-t---, any help appreciated, last one to complete cossword
Sat Times Crossword 2 796
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big dave

20th January 2009, 16:52
I think the answer is Gumption

Chambers definition of gumption reads:

* sense
* shrewdness
* courage, enterprise
* common sense

Either you gave the "n" incorrectly, or I've wrecked your puzzle!!
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21st January 2009, 16:41
You are a Star! I had spelt one word incorrectly, with your help I have now completed the crossword
Many thanks
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