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19th February 2010, 19:47
Logic-wise, I can't make sense out of these:

Issue for one's partner = stepson.

Suggested love was on a decline = opined. Is love O and decline D? Where's pine?

Contemptuous of curls with new twist = scornful. An anag of curls and ONF. Where's the ONF from?

Twenty five hundred hit the target! = scored.

As ever, this is my local paper. Misprints are possible...

Many thanks.

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silly boy

19th February 2010, 19:54
Twenty = score
Five hundred = D
Hit the target = scored
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19th February 2010, 19:54
1 The issue of your partner becomes your stepson

3 anag of curls + of + N (new)
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19th February 2010, 20:16
suggested = opined.
o = love.
pined = a decline. If you pine you languish or waste away,etc. as in grief.
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19th February 2010, 20:27
Thanks all. Didn't think 'pined' was an exact match for 'decline' but there ya go...
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