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18th February 2010, 22:22
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don draper

19th February 2010, 01:09
I saw this and thought of you

Pop Will Eat Itself

" She's a real dumb bitch, she's a waste of good skin "
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john (from arran)

19th February 2010, 11:23
As has been said in another thread this poster, who goes under a number of aliases such as Dawn, Laura, Theresa, Susan and Samantha, probably has mental or alcohol problems and is best ignored. I know it's sometimes hard and the forum might benefit from a moderator who could delete such threads, but it is the way it is and we have to live with that.
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19th February 2010, 11:59
I have not been what I feel as a member of this very pleasant community for long, and it seems such a shame for the friendly and helpful tone to be spoilt by what seems to be one contributor. I agree wholeheartedly with John of Arran that it is best to ignore these posts, and certainly not to reply in an abusive or mocking manner. I am not a computer buff, so I may be talking through my hat, but as we all have to register with our email addresses to use the site, surely it is possible to ensure that a particular email address is banned?
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mr griffin

19th February 2010, 12:08
AJT, You can enter anything into the email box when posting as long as you enter at least one character - i.e. it isn't used to register users.
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19th February 2010, 12:20
Thanks Mr Griffin - I wasn't thinking straight, was I?
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mr griffin

19th February 2010, 12:26
I think what you were suggesting was excellent. It's just a pity the site doesn't work that way - it would be much better if people did have to register.
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19th February 2010, 13:40
I think the Web Administrator could arrange for users of Dawn's IP address to be banned from accessing this website. I also think such censorship might not be that healthy a thing unless a law is broken by a particular post (please, I'm not looking for a debate on this!).

The very best thing that we can do ourselves is to not rise to the bait by replying (kindly, rudely or in any way at all!) or even referring in any way to Dawn or her unkind posts. Responses just feed her habit and she would mistake them for validation.

Best Wishes to All.
... JimC
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19th February 2010, 14:58
Been away for a few days, so I was not sure what this was all about, then it dawned on me! (Sorry)
I agree with John and Jim that the best thing we can do is ignore her posts. Its a bit sad in a way particularly as occasionally she does do some legitimate posts but thats the price she has to pay for REPETITIVE abusive posts over a period of time
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19th February 2010, 15:07
As you say some posts seem sensible, so you answer and then it gets out of hand, will try to keep a distance.
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