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cow pie

17th January 2009, 18:21
... all assume that either everyone reads their rag, or we are all psychic?

Desperate Dan
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big dave

17th January 2009, 18:25
You reminded me of the following joke:

A man went to prison for the first time. He was in a cell with another man, and just as the lights were turned out in the evening he heard
somebody from another cell shout out 'THIRTY-ONE!'.

All of a sudden everybody in the cell block burst out with laughter.
Then another voice shouted 'FIFTY-SIX!'. Again everybody burst out with laughter.

The man was puzzled as to what was going on, so he turned to his cell mate and asked: 'Why is it, when somebody shouts out a number, everybody bursts out with laughter?'

His cell mate replied: 'Well, you see, down in the prison library we have a joke book that contains every joke ever told. And we've all
been in here so long we've all memorised all the jokes. So now, when anybody wants to tell a joke, they just have to shout out the page number from the book.'

The man thought about this and decided that he would have a look at this book. So the next day he went down to the prison library and read a few pages. He wrote down the numbers on a bit of paper
because they were so good he wanted to tell them to the others later.

That night, after lights out he shouted out SEVENTY-SIX'. He waited for laughter but there wasn't any. He tried another one. 'TWENTY'.
Again silence. He couldn't understand why nobody was laughing.
He asked his cell mate 'Why is nobody laughing?'

His cell mate replied 'It's the way you tell them...'
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