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12th February 2010, 19:24
One clue thwarts me today:

More important part of record not heard by most (5). A-I-E. Looks as if it should be a doddle so I'm prepared to give myself a kicking in due course.

Heard this on the radio the other day: 2 cats, a British one called One Two Three and a French cat called Une Deux Trois decide to have a swimming race across the channel. Which one won? The British cat. Une Deux Trois cat sank.

No? Oh, please yourself missus...
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12th February 2010, 19:26
"A" side of a record. and a stage whisper,i.e. a remark heard by the audience but not by the other actors.
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12th February 2010, 19:48
Gawd, that's a HUGE kicking...
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