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10th January 2009, 20:16
I'm new to this and didn't realise you all didn't have the crossword in front of you.
47ac General agreement (9) I think i'ts 'consensus' but that makes a problem for 48dn Join together, merge (5), which is then 'e_i_e'
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10th January 2009, 20:31
Think I've answered my own question....47ac is consensus so 48dn must be elide not unite which I was trying to make fit.
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10th January 2009, 20:32
Hi there!

what letters do you have in for 47a? and could 48d be "unite" ?
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10th January 2009, 20:39
if it helps, i had 'unite' for ages and couldn't work out how consensus and unite fitted together. So convinced i was of unites correctness, i spent ages trying to think of alternatives similar to consensus instead of alternatives to unite. Then my girlfriend said perhaps i was correct with consensus and unite was wrong.

'Of course unite is right, nothing else could fit,' i protested. She then glances over my shoulder and casually says: 'what about elide?'


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11th January 2009, 12:27
elide means leave out or omit, which is mot join together, merge
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big dave

11th January 2009, 13:28
Apparently it depends on which dictionary you use !!

In, the definition is given as follows:


• verb 1 omit (a sound or syllable) when speaking. 2 join together; merge.
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12th January 2009, 16:11

elide can mean join together as well. i was informedby my multi-lingual partner that when certain languages merge two letters together (a and e seem to be an example) and the two merged letters are occaisionally described as 'elided'. Didn't believe her for an instant but a trip to the dictionary confirmed that i should no longer argue with her over linguistic matters...
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