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18th January 2010, 11:24
Last one!
7 down: She's entitled to have errors excepted, in the fourth estate. P ? E ? E ? S

I think it could be PEERESS, to fit in with the 'she's entitled' part of clue... but I can't link in the rest! Thanks in advance for your help!
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18th January 2010, 11:26
It is PEERESS - what are you missing in the across clues?
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18th January 2010, 11:27
the fourth estate is the press
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18th January 2010, 11:32
Thank you both!
AJT - I wasn't missing any of the across answers... I just couldn't work out how to extract PEERESS from the rest of that clue!
ALJANON - I never knew the fourth estate was the press! Now I've learned something today!
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