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7th March 2014, 10:55
No Chambers is just telling you that "T" is the"20th" letter of the alphabet..............
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7th March 2014, 11:06
Thanks Sudokulover for your kind attempt at help. I had actually noted the fact that T is the 20th letter, but the way forward remains shrouded in gloom for my weak eyes...
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7th March 2014, 11:22
Ironman if T=20


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7th March 2014, 11:30
Daniel, I'm obviously having a thicker day than usual. I got the alphabet and numbers connection and I've got 4dn but still stuck. Are the entries real words?
Oh, and thanks as usual, despite my current fog I look forward to the Speccie.
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7th March 2014, 12:59
Everything is a real word BEFORE you enter in to the grid - replace all words with numbers.....................
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7th March 2014, 14:00
Thanks Sudokulover, got it now. My only excuse is that I don' think I've ever done a crossword before that isn't a crossWORD.
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7th March 2014, 15:35
You should try the Listener Numerical (think it is out every 3 months ) - now that is a stinker!!
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7th March 2014, 21:16
Some help with the basic answer to the following, please:
16 a Tailless rodent, active at hollow( 4 ): ?E??
22a Mild stimulant for Herbie, we're told(5): B????
3d River that's questionable, we hear(3): ?C?
5d Royal daughter's vile anger(5) ?T???

And now, some help,too, with the enigmatic play of numbers...How should one proceed with 12A which I worked out to be CERTAIN (anagram of REACTIN')?

Many thanks in advance!
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7th March 2014, 21:31
22A. What kind of car is/was Herbie? That'll lead you to the 'mild stimulant' (if you say it aloud).
16 A. Your 'e' is wrong.
33 D. Your 'c' is wrong (you need the name of a river that sounds as if you're asking a question).
5 D. Your 't' is wrong - the answer is just an anagram of 'anger', the name of a famous Royal's daughter.
I don't know if you've got wrong letters because you've been trying to fit answers round letters you already have - you have to treat the answers, as detailed in earlier posts here. That way, they do all fit in. 'Certain' is correct and will go in the grid OK.
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8th March 2014, 05:51
I have double and treble checked all the answers and the conversions of those answers which go into 1 across and 9 down but still cannot get them. Could some kind soul please point me in the right direction and put me out of my misery. I assume that 1 across begins either with ?i or with s and that 9 down begins with thr but I cannot make any sense of them thereafter.
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