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25th February 2014, 16:29
I struggle to log on to this site (only this site) using my Samsung mobile phone.
I can only manage to do so, in about 1 in 10 attempts.
Anyone else have this problem, or could it be my phone?
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25th February 2014, 16:31
I meant access the site, not log on.
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25th February 2014, 19:58
Rusty, I too have a samsung phone with virgin. Sorry to say I don't usually have a problem. I do use wi-fi when its available, but even when it isn't its usually good.
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25th February 2014, 21:10
Thank you for your kind reply, MRW.
I normally use BT Wi-Fi with my phone.
I have had this phone for one year, and up to around six weeks ago could access this site perfectly.
All other sites that I use are working normally, using BT Wi-Fi.
No one else on the forum appears to have a problem so I may just be unlucky!

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