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3rd January 2009, 16:03
Normally i can just about manage this crossword on a weekly basis but todays has me stumped in the top left hand corner.


1a Dandyism (11) ? Foppishness ?
1d Famous; Imaginary (6) ?stumpped, was thinking legend, but this doesn\'t fit with 1a starting with F.
13a Reacting Defensively (9) ? guiltsick ?

5d Large Fish (5,4) ??? Possibly E_K_E / _A_S which makes it some form of Bass, but what? the first word definately ends in E , but the first e and the k are from guiltsick and foppishness which could be wrong.

Any help much appreciated,

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3rd January 2009, 16:30
for "famous/imaginary" how about "fabled" ?? does that help any??
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3rd January 2009, 18:37
Re 5d. I do not have the paper, so cannot check your existing answers, but, for your information there are btwo types of bass I know of that would fit the number of letters. They are BLACK BASS and STONE BASS.
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3rd January 2009, 18:54

Thanks for your replies. v. helpful. Fabled fits nicely and gives the first letter of 13a as a B. I\'m now thinking \'Bristling\' for reacting defensively.

The fish clue still eludes me. If bristling and foppishness are correct then the clue becomes:

E _ G _ E / _ A _S (Large Fish 5,4)

Eagle Bass??? Will search the internet for a list of fish...

Thanks for your help so far it has been very useful, most kind...

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3rd January 2009, 19:22
If the fish bit is read as a plural (no reason why it can't) then EAGLE RAYS might do it.
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4th January 2009, 11:42

Wow, never thought about the clue being a plural. Eagle rays is very good, many thanks...

Usually i can manage the jumbo crossword with minimal internet usage (usually to look up facts that i simply don't know) but this weeks top left corner totally stumped me. Many thanks for all your help, very much appreciated. Fabled and Eagle Rays were quite inspired. I must admit i was rather too fixated on Bass as the second part of the clue and would never have come up with rays.

Many thanks to all those that replied...i would be happy to help reply to others queries but as u can tell, i'm not the best crossword solver on the planet...
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4th January 2009, 21:30
The author of Jane Eyre is Charlotte Bronte - 15 letters altogether but not one word. Is this normal times clue material?
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5th January 2009, 11:37

I noticed that too, seems rather bad, but the answer is fairly obvious so not entirely misleading. As soon as a few of the other clues are filled in it becomes clear that its a typo.

To be fair to the times jumbo crossword setters i have been doing them every saturday for quite a while now and it is very rare to see mistakes in the clues. It is not typical at all to see this sort of error.

I think that they were having a bad day for Saturdays crossword; there was a mistake in the clues and some of the clues were rather atypical for that particular puzzle. Tougher than usual too. Probably the holiday period proved distracting to their usual scrutiny :)

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