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7th January 2010, 21:58
entire range or scale?
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7th January 2010, 22:04
please post how many letters and any letters you may already have towards the answer, as requested in the posting thread header
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7th January 2010, 22:05
i dont have any, otherwise i would have
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7th January 2010, 22:19
How many letters should the answer have?
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7th January 2010, 22:20
Chris: Helena has asked you politely to provide her with more information; instead she gets bland rebuttal. Do you want her/us to assist you or not? If you do, please give her/us as much information as you can to indicate to her/us what prompted you to post your query.
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8th January 2010, 09:57
How about
The whole gamut
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john (from arran)

8th January 2010, 10:40
FULL EXTENT would also fit the bill, but since chris hasn't told us how many letters, it's pointless offering any more help.
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