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2nd January 2009, 22:26
I am realy stumped on the puzzle. Can any bright soul give me a brilliant start?
How about 6 across : "Ace politicians backing tank and other institutions for improvement (13).
Any help would make my evening!

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2nd January 2009, 23:31
Reformatories - but not absolutely sure why.....
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jerry smith

2nd January 2009, 23:49
Hi Sarah,
Reform is a thinktank A is ace + tories=reformatories.
Another one for you 6d RABBIT WARRENS
Happy New Year,
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3rd January 2009, 00:06
Thank you both, Dick and Jerry. 6A helped alot. Still terribly stuck with top left, so 6D should be useful.
I may even have time for some sleep later if I finish!
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