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1st January 2009, 14:45
invest note, say, in competition

I can only think of BESIEGE but I can't see why this should be the answer. Just this one left to do.
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1st January 2009, 15:46
i.e. is that is
a note could be a musical note for example g
is a competition a bee like a spelling b?

but where does the s come into it?
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john (from arran)

1st January 2009, 16:13
From the Penguin Concise Thesaurus:

invest - ....5 (the rebels invested the castle) besiege, surround, ....

'note, say' is 'SIE' the pronounciation of 'C' and competition is 'BEE'. Not quite sure where the 'G' comes from.


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jerry smith

1st January 2009, 16:25
Hi Sally,
BE-SI(the seventh note of the scale)EG(say)-E
competition is spelling Bee.
Happy New Year,
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1st January 2009, 17:14
Thanks everyone - I understand it all now.

Happy new year to you all!

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