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15th December 2013, 22:31
Hope you're all well,

Here is the state of play up to now.
I'm gonna go back through all your emails even though (I think) I have sorted all the feedback out and all Phase One clues are in.
I will be working through the wee small hours preparing Phase Two and hopefully will be sending out the clue words for this through the night. Check your emails in the morning and could everyone please try and get their clues to me by next weekend or Thurday so as to give a little time for feedback, edit and tweaks to the clues.
No need to send anything until at least Wednesday or Thursday as I wont be doing anything with it until then, so please use this time to tweak and change any small differences in your clues before sending them to me, this saves so much time in the long run.

Imagcq: I have received clues from Lostintranslation for the three words I sent you, but don't despair and still send your clues also as I have a new idea for these words with a Double-Clue twist where I can utilise both your efforts, I will also include both of you in Phase Two if I get your first clues in time.

The last possible cut-off point for clues will be Sunday-Monday AM as I want it to be on-line on Christmas Eve (Tuesday).

I have decided to give a little bit away about the grid for Christmas (not too much)

The grid consists of regular clues (no gimmicks) but it also has an extra device to get to these clues, some of you will hate me from time-to-time because of it's difficulty... But! The way it works gives me the chance to release extra information each day to give extra hints for you to proceed with the puzzle.

SO, I feel it will enthuse the usual quick finishers to take a little more time and effort to solve and it will also hopefully appeal to those who take more time because of the daily release of extra hints to pique their inquisitive interest.

That's all I'm telling you guys, so you'll have to wait for the preamble and puzzle to see it's composition in its entirety.

Take care, Les40
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15th December 2013, 22:46
Oh, boy. Better get the Christmas presents wrapped NOW !
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15th December 2013, 23:11

Phase two?

You are scaring never used to have a phase two.......oooooh.... What to expect....?
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16th December 2013, 02:44
Phase Two clue words are going out to emails now.

Please note that I have not included Down or Across because it doesn't really matter for this stage.

Please add wordplay as usual.

I'll pop back on when I've finished sending so you know when to check.
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16th December 2013, 03:09
Phase Two words sent to:
Rosalind, Rossim, bobs mum, emrach, pastille, chrisE, AB, ginge, GK, aristo, ixion, fieryjack, jws, Paul, peterm, theambler, syzzie, BBM2, and Djamufc.

Imagcq & Lostintranslation, I will liaise with you two by email when I receive your clues from phase one.

Goodnight all. Les40
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greedy kite

16th December 2013, 06:00
Words received, boss --- and I'll take my time as instructed!
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16th December 2013, 10:42
Me too!
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18th December 2013, 19:21
Evening Les

Have returned my phase 2 clues and looking forward to the Christmas JE x
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