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22nd December 2009, 19:33
greatly enjoyed reading the previous entries - new to this site. Never completed a RT Xword but live in hope! Would appreciate help with this.
ta in advance!
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22nd December 2009, 19:36
Hello Perplexed
you should really post the clue,
all the best
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silly boy

22nd December 2009, 19:44
1. samara
2. samare
3. sambre
4. sempre
5. sombre
6. somers
Take your pick ! lol
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22nd December 2009, 19:46
Can I have sombre please SB?
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22nd December 2009, 19:48
I guess it could Always be sempre(smug smug)
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john (from arran)

22nd December 2009, 23:16
Dear Perplexed,

I read in your message that you have never completed an RT crossword. That's a great shame and all these people here aren't helping much are they? Too much Christmas Spirit I expect. Anyway, as it's Christmas I'll be kind and show you the best way to ask for help so that you don't get answers from the likes of Richard Head (AKA "Please call me Dick").

57A Gloomy mob's moving about (6) S?M?R?

and now the answer you've been waiting for:

SOMBRE (gloomy) = SOMB (mob's moving) + RE (about)

There, now you've managed to finish the "Big One". There'll be another RT quite soon so we can start the New Year with #1 and your success still ringing in our ears.

Merry Christmas
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23rd December 2009, 00:02
Dear Perplexed and John D'a
I wasn't trying to be difficult but I did not have the clue(I suspect Silly Boy didn't either)and quite a few words would fit the information you gave.
it was just some friendly advice to add the clue to get a quicker response.
Hope I didn't seem rude or put you off.
Happy Christmas to all. x
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23rd December 2009, 00:35
Dear Perplexed,

Welcome to the forum. I hope that you weren't put off by John (from Arran)'s smug condescension. I'm sure he means well.
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23rd December 2009, 12:55
Give me Trevor's approach every time. I am sure you appreciate that if he wasn't a helpful type he wouldn't bother to reply to a clueless request at all. You will find him more helpful than most and a damn sight more amusing.
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23rd December 2009, 14:36
i agree with terry.
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