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5th August 2013, 02:33
Hi Folks,

Received a few emails today and replied to them earlier this evening.
I'll pick it back up Monday afternoon, see ya then. Les40
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5th August 2013, 05:49
Hi, Les. Sent mine in 3-4 days ago. Did you get them ?
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5th August 2013, 07:26
Ditto syzygy,did you recieve mine to les?
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5th August 2013, 18:29
Don't worry guys, I have your emails, just been very busy last few days but will be working on it all tonight.
Rossim, I will get back to you tonight also.
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7th August 2013, 22:38
Ok folks, I've dropped a right clanger this time, after entering about 65 of the clues last night, I (for some strange reason) forgot to save it to the program so I will have to do it again, I'll do some now and some tomorrow and we should have it up and running by weekend, I may just wait until Sunday now to miss all the weekend rush of newspaper clues. I am sorry for the inconvenience, it means it will be a bit later than usual to publish.

Bear with me, Les
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8th August 2013, 22:51
Don't worry Les it will all be alright on the night
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9th August 2013, 10:55
Not a problem, Les. With lots to do outside this weekend it suits me better. Once it arrives I'm hooked!
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