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22nd December 2008, 15:07
Quite easy this week I thought but can anyone explain this?
19a Shock a missionary in conversation 5.
I have a-p-l I can only think of ampul or appal so presume it is the latter as it can mean shock. But can anyone explain how you get appal from a missionary in conversation? Thanks and merry Christmas everyone. Incidentally I can now usually do the Observer one each week but hopless if I try the Times or Guardian. Which would any of you experts recommend at this stage? Thanks
Caroline xx
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22nd December 2008, 15:16

APPAL I'd agree with as it sounds (in conversation) like A + Paul (St Paul being a missionary).
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22nd December 2008, 15:20
This is a bit of a groaner - the converstion bit is the 'sounds like' and the missionary is St Paul as in a-Paul (!)
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22nd December 2008, 16:34
Thanks Jim and Pianydd. I dont think I would ever have worked that out! all the best
Caroline xxx
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