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8th December 2009, 12:38
Have noticed another thread on this quiz.
I am stuck on 3 questions in particular and would welcome any additional clues.
12. No,she went by plane to this destination (7)
31. Dad, you and I wander off course and find marine detachment.4,7)
70. Singers you hear start back around 10,000 feet up (11)
All answers contain the letters ART or TRA.
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silly boy

8th December 2009, 12:52
12 .... Think Indonesia.
31 .... Think Orkney.
70 .... Think Clouds.

It would help others too if you continued on the other thread.
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8th December 2009, 13:54
Thanks a lot Silly boy - excellent clues, so much easier now !!!
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8th December 2009, 13:57
Sorry, just noticed your concluding remark...yes I agree , keeping to the one thread makes it easier, will bear that in mind for the future
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