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6th December 2009, 17:34
My first attempt at the Guardian and I just don't get my first Forum request...

Number making saint's detailed numbers include practical method for transport around curves (6,2,8,4,4,8) - it may be that the 8 letter words are the same word..

Ingenuity missing in Guantanamo: watch out! Shooting doesn't work (3,4,3,1,3,4,1,3)

(I think it is something ending With A Gun??)

Help please!
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6th December 2009, 17:37
Just seen Calamity Jane answer! Thanks
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6th December 2009, 17:37
You'll find both answers in recent threads - I won't answer as I don't understand either!
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6th December 2009, 17:45
Is there some reason for not giving the answer, or failing that, even the title of the threads? How is the person to find the answers among numerous "recent" threads?
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6th December 2009, 17:57
Recent thread - 6,10,22,10 - only reason I don't give the answer is that I don't understand it - maybe JGR does from the thread. And he found Calamity Jane in his own!
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