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5th December 2009, 17:17
Have I missed the point of Solution Wizard? To test it I gave one letter from each word of LOOK BACK IN ANGER. Nothing. Ok, two letters. Nothing. So: the whole thing with just three letters missing. Zilch.

Your own experience would be worth relating!
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silly boy

5th December 2009, 17:30
That's why I use this ! lol
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5th December 2009, 17:40
Many thanks, SB (well, you don't expect me to call you by your full name when we've only just met...) for the suggestion; it looks well worth a try. But I'm still disappointed that as the rest of Crossword Clue Solver is so good, that its Solution Wizard has proved crap.

Maybe I'll try it with something reeeeeelly simple...
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5th December 2009, 17:51
Have you tried "Chambers Word Wizards" web page?
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6th December 2009, 09:50
Put to the test and passed with flying whatsits. If I'd known about this years ago my life would have been so different; I coulda been a contender...

Thanks for the recommendation!
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6th December 2009, 10:36
@Robin'     ....    Just be like everybody else...

AJT's suggestion of the">Chambers Word Wizard is a good one too.

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