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29th November 2009, 11:47
The clue is 'Can Anglican novice withdraw.' (6)

The answer I assume is CANCEL but why?

To cancel is to withdraw and the fourth and fifth letters are CE (Church of England - Anglican)

But what has this to do with a novice? I just don't get it. Sorry to be a bit thick. Can someone elucidate please? Ta.
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29th November 2009, 11:52
Hello Colin - you will kick yourself. L for learner
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29th November 2009, 11:52
Hi Colin

I see Cancel as you say CAN,CE,L (novice = L earner)

Looks good to me.
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29th November 2009, 11:54
Hi Colin,
CAN + CE the L is for learner or novice
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29th November 2009, 12:01
Anniec, Cazzy and Diana, Thank you, yes I am kicking myself! My mother used to say 'there are none so blind as those who don't look properly. It certainly applies to me today. Blessings. Colin.
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