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28th November 2009, 17:35
I have three that I would appreciate help/ explanation:
2d. Gather nothing in volume post again (9).
I have R_A_P_I_T and feel Reappoint would fit.
26a. Fuss starts to irritate the personnel in prison (7).
I have N_T___K and Nitpick would fit
19d. German opera that's nothing to a frenchman, centres on Zanzibar(6).
I have _I_N_I.
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28th November 2009, 17:41
2d. Gather=reap,nothing=o,in=in,volume=t?

26a. starts to irritate the personnel=ith(1st letters) in prison= nick n ITP ick

19dnothing to a frenchman=rien, centres on Zan(zi)bar
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john (from arran)

28th November 2009, 17:43
1D - REAP (gather) + O (nothing) in PINT (volume)

26A - I(rritate)T(he)P(ersonnel) inside NICK (prison)

Still thinking about the third one.
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28th November 2009, 17:44
Sorry Gather=reap,volume=pint with o inside = point
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28th November 2009, 17:44
RIENZI is an opera by Richard Wagner

NitpICK would fit NICK= PRISON
Starts to Irritate The Personsl - first letters are ITP
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28th November 2009, 17:47
Thank you everyone for the speedy replies!
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28th November 2009, 18:01
wombat: I found it quite hard to "see" the eventual solution word when you type a dash underneath the blank spaces like that. It just looks as if there is a word "R A P I T" rather than there being a word "REAPPOINT" in there somewhere!
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